Born in Cleveland, Ohio - moved to California many decades ago and retired 1996 to Oregon. My portfolio is diversified: macrame, weaving, quilting, graphics, publishing, ceramics, yarn works, beading, major volunteering activities... my work benefits from each and every turn in my life. I am a self-representing artist and I live with my hubby and 2 dogs in the forests of southern Oregon. We travel extensively and I enjoy learning from other cultures about their arts and crafts. I believe we are products of all that we experience in life.

I am primarily and currently a bead artist, a "beadologist"; a multi-media artist who brings color, texture and originality to each individual creation. Working often with unique embellishments, I consider my work new and constantly evolving. The pieces are truly collectible objects d'art for the discerning connoisseur. I continue to expand my ability for expression through many medias, using them in harmony with each other. Truthfully, I enjoy any art that pushes the envelope ~ I endeavor to follow that path with my own work. I embrace: "Thinking Out of the Box". Always looking for that next challenge, I continually ask myself "...what if?" I invite you to own and enjoy a multi-media art piece from Beadazzled of Oregon and we'll walk on the cusp of a new exploration together!

Each unique design creation is a one-of-a kind, wearable, enjoyable piece of handmade artwork and is a product of my own passions. May it bring you the same peace and joy that creating your piece did for me ~ Enjoy!

P.S. Maybe you have some special personal or family momento ~ let's use them in a unique piece in your own chosen colors made especially for you. It could be a wall hanging, jewelry piece or any one of the other multi-media concoctions that I put together! Contact me anytime and we'll get started ~ ...with gentle spirit.
Bestest,  Dini
Email: di42ni @